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Council Members


Ms OR Yuen Mai, Amy

Immediate Past President

Ms. LAW Siu Ming, Susan


Mr TO Hoi Chu (External)

Ms TONG Mei Ha, Angelina (External)

Ms YIP Ka Huen (Internal)

Ms. NG Winnie (Education) (Chair of Education Committee)

Honorary Treasurer


Mr LUI Ka Lok, Gilbert

Ms HO Wai Fan

Honorary Secretary


Ms WONG Tze Wing

Ms PANG Yuk Kam

Council Members


Ms AU Sin Ting, Cindy (Chair of Quality & Standard Committee)

Ms CHAN Sau Ying

Ms CHAN Chung Sze, Angela (Chair of Professional Development Committee)

Ms CHOI Mei Ping, Priscilla

Ms HO Wai Yi

Ms LAM Choi Ping, Oki

Ms LAM Mui Kwai, Rossini (Chair of Administration & Registration Committee)

Ms LAU So Ying (Chair of Examination and accreditation Committee)

Ms LUI Wing Mui, June

Ms SALIM Aysha

Ms WONG Kwai Ying

Ms YEUNG Ka Wai, Winnie

Ms YIM Lai Fung, Phyllis

Ms YUEN Siu Ling, Amy (Chair of Public Relation & Promotion Committee)